Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Ascension EAP offers Reasonable Suspicion Training that is ideal for new supervisors or individuals looking to refresh their knowledge and skills regarding industry best practice for Reasonable Suspicion Testing in the workplace.

Workplace Policies may vary from one employer to another; however, the fact remains that supervisors play a critical role enforcing their employer's Drug Free Workplace policy and program. While reasonable suspicion supervisor training is required for Department of Transportation (DOT) programs, it should also be a priority for all other Non-DOT employers.

This course provides supervisors with an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of possible substance abuse
  • Participate in real life workplace scenarios and interactive role playing
  • Utilize "constructive confrontation" techniques, that demonstrate how, what, when, and why to confront employees
  • Recognize legal language and documentation requirements when reasonable suspicion testing is required
  • Review industry updates
  • Receive feedback and resources from Employer Solutions Subject Matter Experts 

Drug Free Workplace Policy Development- Consultation Services

A good Drug-Free Workplace Program starts with a comprehensive Workplace Policy.

Ascension EAP, Consortium Services offers a template sample policy that follows DOT guidelines and recommendations for Policy creation. Along with the template, our service includes a one-hour of consultation with our staff subject matter expert. We also provide reference materials to employers who wish to create their own policy.