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At Ascension EAP, we pride ourselves in assisting organizations, employees, and members of the beneficiaries’ household with a wide range of difficulties. Our Employee Assistance Program model is built on short-term, solution focused counseling, and our team of counselors are professionally licensed to provide culturally competent behavioral health services within that scope. Additionally, we are experienced in providing psychological first aid in response to critical incidents in the workplace, organizational consultation, and training. The industries we serve span many sectors including healthcare, law enforcement, emergency and fire services, government, education, manufacturing, construction,  and business. Our team understands the unique needs within each of these workplace cultures by creating strong partnerships with the organizations we are privileged to serve. Some of the common issues people seek assistance for are depression, anxiety, stress, workplace issues, relationships, parenting, substance abuse, and grief. Whatever the issue, EAP is a great place to start!

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