EAP Program Promotion and Education

Ascension Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will coordinate the development, availability and use of promotional materials and educational courses which encourage the use of the program by employees, eligible family members and organization leadership.

EAP services need to be highly visible and presented in a positive light to encourage early intervention and prevention. Employee education is an essential part of program promotion and emphasizes primary prevention and self-care. Our experienced trainers provide education on a variety of topics such as mental health and wellness, stress management, conflict resolution, reasonable suspicion, workplace harassment, etc. Topics can be customized to meet your needs, time constraints and group size. When you want training but just can’t find the time, we can coordinate a web-based training with your team or pre-record training for your employees to watch at their convenience.

Organizational Consultation

Ascension Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides consultation to the organization regarding issues, policies, practices and events that may impact behavior in the workplace or employee well-being. Consultation with EAP ensure that the EAP functions as an integral part of the organization and adds its unique contributions to the realization of the organization’s mission and goals. An example of this could include a request that the EAP assists in identifying the factors contributing to problematic levels of stress in the workplace.

Organizational Leadership

Ascension Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will provide training for organization leadership to communicate program purpose and procedures and to explain their role in the program. The intent of training is to provide role clarification and skill in early problem recognition, timely intervention, and appropriate referral to the EAP.

Additionally, we have developed a created a dynamic, interactive, research-based seminar just for leaders. The full seminar is typically “above and beyond” standard EAP service so there is some additional cost, however; “stand alone” sessions may be offered at no cost upon request. Contact us for more details regarding Leadership Development offerings.

Webinars and e-Learning

Access our library of online mental wellness video resources on the Ascension WI EAP YouTube Channel.

Employee Education Course offerings

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